The Most Known Rules About WordPress

WordPress is one of the Open-source Softwares, that can is not only provided for study but easily modifiable & one can easily redistribute its source code. Let’s check out deep into WordPress Logo & Trademark.

To ensure that everything works smoothly, WordPress brand and trademark should have been secured. For this reason, the WordPress trademark moved to The WordPress Foundation in 2010 WordPress holds 35% shares of all the websites on the internet. Around the globe, a huge number of communities rely on WordPress for their businesses.

Their support is excellent. The theme is beautiful and it’s a breeze to work with. Also, everything in the theme is easy to find / navigate – this says a lot about how well thought out ThemetechMount Themes are. We are a happy customer and will gladly recommend this theme and others from them.

John martin

How to benefit

Each should pursue to utilize the WordPress trademark and logo in your ventures appropriately. There are as under you must know.

  • Try not to use WordPress in Domain Name
  • Write WordPress with a Capital
  • No Affiliation or Endorsement

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